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CD Review on Folk Radio UK by Helen Gregory

Maid On The Shore is an impressively accomplished display of Niamh Boadle’s skills as a musician, writer, singer and arranger and makes the ideal starting point for anyone interested in finding out why she’s one of folk music’s rising stars.

The Mike Harding Radio Folk Show (122)

Played Dark Inishowen at 23:43

“A great talent and a fabulous singer”

“I think she’s going to go places, that lass, really, really good.”

CD Review on UK Folk Music by Alan Morley

I have rarely heard and enjoyed an album so much for a long, long time…

This album ‘Maid on The Shore’ is a delight and certainly merits repeated listens to explore the musicality and depth of the lyrics. Go and buy it, go and see Niamh Boadle. She is one to watch…

CD Review on Northern Sky Magazine by Allan Wilkinson

Niamh Boadle's second album release is a showcase for the various areas this young musician covers; her fine interpretations of traditional and contemporary songs for instance, or her command over her own songwriting skills, not to mention her credentials as an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, particularly a flair for the open-tunings on her trusty Fylde.

CD Review on Folking.com by Dai Jeffries

Niamh has been working the folk scene for many years and in many guises and is currently studying at Newcastle University. I hope that when she completes her degree her fame will have spread further.

CD Review in Le Canard Folk by Marc Bauduin

Chansons traditionnelles irlandaises et anglaises et propres compositions forment le premier cd de Niamh Boadle, originaire du Lancashire mais de père irlandais. Chanteuse, elle joue également du violon, de la guitare, de la mandoline, du bodhran et des whistles. En dépit de son jeune âge, elle a donc pas mal de cordes à son arc. Sa voix bien assurée et empreinte de conviction fait merveille a capella dans la très belle “Flower of Finae”. D’une manière générale, Niamh Boadle peut devenir une star. A suivre, donc (www.wildgoose.co.uk).

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CD Review in Folk North West by Derek Gifford

I’m now going to embarrass Niamh (pronounced ‘Neve’) with my opening remarks because I remember a young girl who bounced around (literally) many of our Folkus workshops in the early days and drove us all mad with her endless energy!

That lively youngster has now come of age and all that energy has been channelled into the form of a talented performer.

From the first track, the self-penned Forget-me-not, Niamh illustrates several talents including her song writing skill, her guitar work and fine vocals. Throughout this album Niamh’s Irish influences show. The lilting and the decoration of the voice is typical of the old style traditional Irish singers. There are a number of great traditional songs on this album including Dark Inishowen, Green Bushes, Creggan White Hare, Boys of Mullaghbawn (try saying that after a drink or three!) And the title track Maid on the Shore. All are well performed with her clear diction and in a relaxed vocal style. Her voice has matured since her last album and it shows.

Niamh also takes on songs from other song writers such as Anthony John Clarke’s The Only Life Gloria Knows, and Kate Fagan’s Roll You Sweet Rain which is particularly well arranged. Thankfully Niamh doesn’t fall into the trap of putting on a false mid-Atlantic accent on any of the songs.

She even manages to include a song she wrote for her grandad Bill called Bill’s Missed the Last Boat Back which lilts along as it tells its true tale.

The only tune on the CD is Ice on the Water where Niamh demonstrates her excellent fiddle playing. She also plays bodhran, whistle and mandolin on some tracks. Paul Sartin provides extra accompaniment with piano and oboe on some of the tracks too making this a very complete album.

This is good stuff from Niamh showing that all those Folkus workshops and her Folk and Traditional Music degree course at Newcastle have stood her in good stead. She has the makings of a top notch professional folk artiste.

The album is available direct from the Wild Goose web site and from Proper Music Distribution or from Niamh at her gigs.

CD Review from Fatea by David Kidman

With attractive design and artwork to boot, Maid On The Shore is most appealing product: a significantly accomplished and well-sounding disc that one might say boadles extremely well for Niamh's future career in the folk world.

CD Review The Green Man Review by Lars Nilson

I suspect that not that long from now I will boast about playing on the same bill as her. So check it out and be able to tell your friends, “Well, I heard her years ago, before she was a star.”

CD Review on Music That Needs Attention by Theo Volk

Niamh (spreek uit als nief) Boadle is een uit St. Annes, Lancashire afkomstige multi-instrumentalist en traditionele zangeres en Ierse stepdancer. Haar voorliefde voor de Ierse stepdance en traditionele muziek kreeg ze mee van haar vader.  Ze studeert folk en traditionele muziek aan Newcastle University.

Sinds 2008 bouwt ze aan een solocarrière. Daarnaast speelt ze in Trí, Gerry McNeice Orchestra en het damestrio Chloe’s Passion. Haar solo repertoire bestaat voornamelijk uit Ierse en Engelse traditionals en daarnaast eigen werk. Maid On The Shore is haar tweede cd.  

Opener Forget-me-not is een mooi ritmisch zelf geschreven nummer. De tekst is gebaseerd op een krantenartikel in The Preston Chronicle over een tragisch aflopende liefdesaffaire. Haar gitaarspel verraadt duidelijk de invloed van John Martyn.  

Ook van eigen hand is het jazzy Bill’s Missed the Last Boat Back, wederom met heerlijk gitaarwerk. Op Maid On The Shore zijn drie a capella vertolkte traditionals te vinden. Dark Inishowen leerde ze van Mary Dillon. The Flower of Finae werd bekend in de schitterende versie van Niamh Parsons, echter die versie is maar gedeeltelijk a capella.

Boys of Mullaghbawn werd vooral bekend door de versie van Christy Moore.  Creggan White Hare leerde ze net als The Flower of Finae van Karan Casey in de korte periode dat ze op the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance in Limerick studeerde.

De traditional Green Bushes kwam ze op het spoor dank zij haar zus.Het samenspel van gitaar en viool is hier buitengewoon mooi. Haar zang is ook af en toe een stuk krachtiger. Haar zang komt het best tot zijn recht in het ingetogen The Only Life Gloria Knows, een nummer van de Ierse singer-songwriter Anthony John Clarke.

De enige compositie waar ze viool speelt, is in het instrumentale Ice on the Water. Overigens speelt ze ook nog bodhran en fluit op de cd. De weemoedige fluit maakt I’m a Fading Day By Day tot een van mijn favorieten. Daartoe kan absoluut ook Roll You Sweet Rain, geschreven door de Australische dichteres en zangeres Kate Fagan, toe gerekend worden.  

Hét hoogtepunt vormt het zelfgeschreven Red Dust Road. Geschreven tijdens een rondreis samen met haar zus door New South Wales in Australië. Het heeft een duidelijke boodschap, het handelt over de overheersing van de Aboriginals door de blanken 250 jaar geleden. Afsluiter vormt een fraaie, intense vertolking van het titelnummer, vooral bekend geworden in de versie van Martin Carthy.

Maid On The Shore laat een zeer talentvol vertolkster van traditioneel repertoire horen, maar herbergt nog meer een toekomstig vertolkster van eigen composities.