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Chloe’s Passion

were a vibrant young trio based in Newcastle Upon Tyne. They drew influences from their own individual backgrounds in Scottish, Irish and English traditional music.

They were: Emily Andrew, Niamh Boadle and Rosie Munro.




were a three-piece Irish band featuring Niamh Boadle on vocals, guitar, whistle, bodhrán and step dancing; Ciarán Algar (Greg Russell and Ciarán Algar) on fiddle, bodhrán and bouzouki; and Neal Pointon (The Fallows) on fiddle, banjo and mandolin.  The band thrived for nearly four years till ending mid-September 2012.

Niamh has played with various bands over the years. One such was the Gerry McNeice Orchestra - a big band of thirteen excellent players who teamed up for Gerry’s album launch of “Small Town Boy”. Among the musicians were Katriona Gilmore, Tim Yates and Jude Rees.

From time to time Niamh still plays with the Gerry McNeice Band on fiddle and vocals. The band plays a mixture of Gerry’s self-penned songs, some ‘covers’ and some traditional material. Based in Otley, Gerry and his wife Ani also run Wee Dog Sound.

Gerry McNeice Band

Silver Thistle Ceilidh Band:

is a fantastic Sheffield-based ceilidh and party band. When needed, Niamh plays fiddle with them.



Northern Company

Winners of the Danny Kyle Award at Celtic Connections 2016, Northern Company are a young six to seven piece band playing lively, technically brilliant  and foot-stomping Irish and Scottish music. The band members are:

Scott Martin - fiddle

Scott Turnbull - guitar

Michael Biggins - piano

Niamh Boadle - bodhrán, voice & fiddle

Eryn Rae - fiddle

Jacob Bradley - double bass

Sam Mabbett - button accordion

Based in Newcastle Upon Tyne and Glasgow.

Check out our Facebook: www.facebook.com/northerncompanymusic